We LEAD the way

We are the most IT oriented and international part of the ProgressLEAD family and are also the home of our experts in travel and transport, planning and optimization. Our software engineers utilize our cloud based platform Podium System to deliver of the shelf and/or tailored solutions to customers in public sector, logistics, tourism and transport.

Public transportation

We have consultants that is specialized in the public transportation sector. With over 10 years of experience we help our customers to optimize and make their business more effective.

Transport & Logistics

Our systems makes it possible to plan and communicate in an effective way through AI and high technology services.


With the help of our systems and our consultans we make it possible for companies within the tourism to focus on their businesses instead of administrative work.

The LEAD family

The LEAD family is part of JAMBIZ Group

In AnalyticLEAD we have deep expertise in all aspects of information management, advanced analytics, data science and data governance. We help our customers to transform into data driven and fact-based organizations that outperform their peers. We give advice on architecture, business cases, ROI and also take full accountability for transformation initiatives.


info@transportlead.com & info@podiumsystem.com

We are located in Malmö, Gothenburg & Stockholm